Griff Bursts Out Onto The Scene With Raw Emotion

The U.K. singer isn’t afraid to push on the gas with her first official mixtape. One Foot in Front of the Other guides listeners through the journey of dealing with love and heartbreak.

A fully artist-driven album is hard to find these days. Especially in terms of brand new artists. Griff stands apart from the rest as she lays it all on the table with her personally built mixtape.

The album, One Foot In Front Of The Other, is a patchwork quilt built from raw emotions. Griff taps into the small fragments of falling in and out of love and exposes them out on the surface in creative detail. Imagery spanning from a spiraling black hole centered in the middle of your chest at the loss of someone you thought may stick around forever, to the hue of the dimly lit yellow lamp bringing you a sense of tentative comfort and clarity…one thing is certain, that the singer-songwriter does not want to leave much up to your imagination.

That point is exactly what I appreciate about Griff’s debut album. She understands the importance of symbolism. In a time where many popstars tread above the surface to maintain reliability to a larger array of fans and listeners, she pushed to be very nuanced without fear of missing a subset of her audience. Griff brings listeners into a cinematic whirlwind of romance, devastation, and revitalization that envelopes you in a world outside of your own. And all in a tight, 7-track mixtape.

The obviously explosive single “Black Hole” is a tale of exhaustion as you try to let go of the past. Lyrics bring you back to the desperation that lingers behind trying to bring someone back in your life that you know has no business being there. Griff’s pleas for serenity and calm come in like roaring waves through the repetitious chorus that strikes a chord even when you are far removed from previous heartbreak. Many people can understand that feeling of clenching your fingers around the figurative ankle of your ex-partner in hopes of bringing them back and hoping they understand that you’ve changed…just for them.

The title track “One Foot in Front of the Other” is a perfect picture of what it’s like to try to move on when your body lays heavy from the exhaustion of a break-up. Griff brings the positive mindset of taking stock in the smallest tasks that you can force yourself to complete in a lackluster mindset from the future. The track reminds listeners that in the heat of the moment, you may feel like the end of your relationship is the end of the road for everything, but it's not. This means that every step forward from that explosive breakdown is something to be proud of. This song is an incredible portrait of growth and care.

A favorite track of mine personally is called “Remembering My Dreams,” a later track in which Griff’s creative energy really lets loose. Hanging on the often fleeting concept of dazing and overthinking, the pop singer brings you into the idea of being so attached to someone, that even the lightest touch of them in your more vulnerable and silent state brings them vividly to life in the best way. The idea of escaping to your dreams for just a second of what you’ve come to expect from a partner you’ve lost is poetically and devastatingly heartbreaking.

One Foot in Front of the Other forces you to listen to the small details, immerse yourself in the metaphor in order to get to the center of each track. A concept that may feel tedious, but will hit you like an avalanche of freshly fallen snow by the end. A light drizzling of introspection is highly required, so place your face toward the sky with the album and welcome the showering of depth, care and self-kindness.

Rating: 5/5

Favorite Tracks: Shade of Yellow, Remembering My Dreams, Earl Gray Tea

You can listen to One Foot in Front of the Other on Spotify and Apple Music today.




I like music and shouting my opinions. So, I’m sorry in advance.

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Music With Missy

I like music and shouting my opinions. So, I’m sorry in advance.

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